Property Investment Analysis

When it comes to Property Investment in Singapore, thorough property analysis work should be done before one make a purchase. Much like buying stocks in a stock market, one should not just buy a stock blindly. In the same fashion, an intentional effort should be committed to ensure one make a good analysis work on how one should invest his or her money for property investment.

These are the following simple suggestions on Property Investment homework you can do. ( Note: Order of preference depends on you)

1. Understand the uniqueness of the desirable location for investment in Singapore in relation to the URA Master Plan.

2. Once you zoom down to certain location of your interest, compile your analysis with past property transactions around the area. This task would not be easy depending on your requirements. If you are one who wants a perfect decision, and if you would frequently change your mind, your work will certainly take more time due to more re-work. For Private Property refer to URA
For HDB refer to HDB website
For Commercial Property refer to URA

3. The next step includes understanding what are the available listings in the area of your interest. There are several portals in SG. From PropertyGuru, SRX, STProperty,, newspaper classified. Each portal has their definitive features for its presence in the market. It is not the purpose of this article to discuss this at this moment. However, do be aware to check the quality of the listings. Since the inception of CEA, ( Council of Estate Agents), majority of misleading listings should have been ousted out, yet no one can always be sure.

4. Define one's own decision rules. Be it rental yield, entry-exit signals, liquidity, upside potential, utility developments and so forth. It's is always good to setup a decision matrix to enhance decision making especially when it involves another stakeholder(s)

5. Engage a good qualified real estate agents or seek advice from various experience consultants as a means to double check your views or your hunt of the properties. It is quite important to be acquainted with the transactional process of buying and selling a property as well.

6. Buying a property can be a very emotional decision, and sometimes many people regret if that only rely on this human faculty. If one has done the above work, the likelihood of making better decision is strengthened for wise property investment. It's not to say emotional views are not important, it's just a caution that it's alone is not sufficient.

7. Finally, this sharing is not meant to be exhaustive, rather it's a handle to begin that lifelong process to grasp a good foundation for property investment in Singapore. Issues that can be subsequently shared includes global factors, Singapore Economy, Supply and Demand, Population growth, changing Bank rates, comparison with alternative investments, portfolio management, and more.

Important Housing Policies

The following ABSD, SSD and TDSR are important consideration before the purchase of any properties. Make sure you know and factor them for your investment plan


Singapore Expats and Property Investment

For Expatriates visiting Singapore in search of gems to invest in this little red dot. Our advice is to consider the big picture and the compare specified projects for investment.