Why 3D Virtual Tour? Let’s Peep Into The Future

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    Why 3D Virtual Tour? Let’s Peep Into The Future

    Why 3D Virtual Tour Singapore

    3D Virtual Tour is a simulation of location, composed of a sequence of videos, panorama and still images. It also enhances its simulation by using sound effects, text and narration. With the help of tools, you can capture your own 3D virtual tours of residential & commercial properties, shopping malls, event spaces, hotels etc.

    3D Virtual Tour is a new scanning technology, that creates a realistic experience allowing customers to visit a location as if they have physically stepped foot inside the building itself. This technology is future proof ensuring it is ready to be used in VR(Virtual Reality) headsets.

    How will a 3D Virtual Tour Benefit Your Business?

    360 virtual tours offer your web visitors enhanced access to your location or business without leaving the website. This will enhance traction to your website and as a result, will boost sales and bookings. Virtual tours are a better way to keep your customers engaged with your website for a longer duration of time.

    How to Use Virtual Tour?

    Virtual tour is easy as 1-2-3. People have preconceived notions that virtual tour takes lot of technical expertise and resources to make a successful and complete tour. But it is totally opposite. It is as easy as three simple steps.

    • STEP 1: Create a New Virtual Tour
    • STEP 2: Upload Images and Rearrange
    • STEP 3: Connect and Publish

    And your tour is ready. If you need 3D Virtual Tour services, Let us and our partners help you.

    3D Virtual Tour vs Conventional Tour

    Conventional Tour vs 3D Virtual Tour Singapore

    Before internet boomed, people were very much familiar with the conventional tour that is to visit physically the place. For e.g, if we are looking for real estate we generally visit several places, have to meet different people to take a decision. This is a very hectic and cumbersome process. But in this 21st century, where technology is driving each and every industry, this problem can be solved by a method called 3D Virtual Tour.

    3D Virtual Tour is the simulation of any location or an area where we get to view the area from all different angles via a web app or through mobile. This helps us to reduce time and effort of the customer who can view several locations in a short period of time thus removing the hectic process. 3D virtual tour also allows viewing the neighboring locations using the technology. People use GoPro Cameras to shoot 3D Virtual Tours and upload them to the websites. With these benefits, it is obvious that 3D virtual tours are much more beneficial to us compared to conventional tours.

    Photos or Virtual Tour – Which One to Choose?

    Gone are the days where people select their preferences by viewing some pictures of the properties. With the intervention of technology, customers demand high insights of the product before making a choice. For businesses like real estate and hotels, customers would like to pay some dollars more to get a comfortable stay.

    3D virtual tour provides excellent insights of properties and engages customers to view properties in different angle and judgment factors narrows down to simple things like quality and price because a good quality 3D virtual tour often proves the quality and status of the business provider that they engage technology. It is very obvious that the future web portals listing real estates and hotels will be dominated by virtual tours over pictures.

    Are 3D Tours Future of Real Estate Marketing?

    Photos or Virtual Tour Singapore- Which one to choose

    With the increase of mobile users over the last decade, it is quite obvious that mobile users are dominating the internet space. Customers are using mobile apps and the internet via mobile to shop. With that mobile is the king of property search and people are using mobile to search and discover a property according to their requirements using mobile devices which come very much handy for them.

    Next, comes sharing in social media. People like to share videos, pics of properties over Facebook, Twitter to inform their friend circle to ask for recommendations. Photos are cool, but virtual tour or panorama is a like a live view which gives the customers a feel of the property and allows them to match their requirements quickly.

    So if you are a real estate owner or broker it is necessary to have a virtual tour of the Singapore properties which gives a bigger audience of customers and boosts your sales and bookings.

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